Fraud Prevention

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SafetyPay helps protect consumers and merchants from fraud and identity theft. Consumers never share personal financial information, like credit card numbers, with merchants or SafetyPay when they check out using SafetyPay. Since SafetyPay never collects, sees or stores financial information, opportunities for fraud or identity theft are eliminated. The only time consumers enter any login information is when they log into the secure online banking platform of their bank.

Even though SafetyPay is completely safe to use, consumers should guard themselves from fraud.

Never provide your credit card numbers or bank login credentials to anyone. SafetyPay will NEVER ask for any of this information.

The only way to pay using SafetyPay is through your online banking page at your bank, or in person at one of SafetyPay’s walk-in payment partners. If someone asks for payment outside of your online banking page or asks you to send cash or a check, it’s NOT SafetyPay and may not be safe.

Please take all precautions to ensure your protection and be aware that SafetyPay does not operate as an escrow account.


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SafetyPay is accepted by thousands of merchants in dozens of countries around the world.