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Live Global, Pay Local

SafetyPay let’s you shop from merchants around the world, and pay for goods and services in your local currency. With SafetyPay, you don’t need a credit card, debit card or wallet. If your bank offers SafetyPay, all you need to do is to sign up for online banking at your bank and you can pay with SafetyPay.

Eliminate Fraud and Identity Theft

You don’t need to register or enroll with SafetyPay to use SafetyPay. When you check out using SafetyPay, you’re redirected to your online banking page and you make your payment directly from your bank account. Since you don’t share financial information, such as a credit card number or bank account details with SafetyPay or the merchant, the risk of fraud and identity theft is significantly reduced.

Keep control over your money

Since you don’t need to manage a credit card balance or fund external accounts when you use SafetyPay as your prefered online payment method, your money stays in your bank account until you’re ready to use it.


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