Why merchants should use SafetyPay?

SafetyPayMerchantWhy merchants should use SafetyPay?

Access to millions of new, global customers

Now you can access customers worldwide who do not want to buy using a credit card, don’t have one, don’t want to disclose personal information for fear of fraud, or want to buy from merchants outside their country but don’t have internationally accepted cards.


No identity theft, fraud or chargebacks

Since customers “push” their payment to you, and never provide their personal financial information to you or SafetyPay, the opportunities for identity theft and fraudulent purchases are significantly reduced. And since there’s no fraud, you control when and how to refund customers. With SafetyPay there are no chargebacks or other surprises.


Less expensive than credit cards

In addition to charging you a discount rate, credit cards charge you all sorts of fees to cover their business expenses. SafetyPay charges only a discount rate, which means you save money. Typically, the cost of completing a transaction with SafetyPay is approximately half of the cost of completing it with credit card.


Marketing assistance

SafetyPay operates global marketing programs that promote your business to bank customers around the world. We create customized promotions, including exclusive promotions, to attract new customers for you. SafetyPay utilizes social media, country-specific microsites, and traditional PR and advertising, resulting in extended reach and increased sales for your business.


Fast and free integration

Integrating SafetyPay with your website is fast and free. SafetyPay has plugins for a number of popular ecommerce shopping cart solutions (see below). Solutions for other platforms may also be available.


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