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Product feature that allows the merchant to send an email to the client with a payment button for orders created by phone or email – it is a new payment alternative for purchases from web channel.


Perfect for call centers and such.


SafetyPay Direct is a solution that allows merchants to request payments from shoppers for orders created by phone or email, or to give a new payment alternative for purchases from web channel.


This solution works independently of online shopping carts and doesn’t require an online presence or direct integration with SafetyPay.


SafetyPay Direct can be used by inbound and outbound call centers, B2C applications, billing departments, collections departments or any merchant who wants to allow customers to pay directly from their bank account.




  • SafetyPay Direct Web Solution is a tool available for immediate use by any merchant.
  • It is not necessary to technically integrate with SafetyPay to use SafetyPay Direct Web solution.
  • Merchants are able to accept online payment regardless of how a product is sold (telephone, on-site or via email).
  • Merchants can follow up on abandoned shopping carts and request payment over the phone.


Our traditional product for payment through online banking