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SafetyPay Payouts is a SafetyPay Service that allows clients to transfer money locally or internationally securely and at low cost.


Through this product a merchant can process refunds or pay commissions to agents/distributors for instance.


SafetyPay Payouts will allow our Merchants to send money locally or internationally to any country ( where SafetyPay operates ) with Real-Time confirmation at extremely low-cost.


  • Process is simple and 100% secure
  • Operational cost is reduced
  • One disbursement instruction for multiple disbursements
  • A single integration point
  • Real-time notification for disbursement status
  • Electronic reconciliation process


  • No need to wait days or send checks internationally anymore.
  • Money is received securely in a Bank Account
  • Confirmation is sent in real-time
  • Settlement in 24-48 hours
  • Highly scalable, flexible and secure
  • Simple User Experience
  • Quick and Simple – one disbursement instruction for multiple payments
  • Hassle free – one single integration point and real-time notification for disbursement status
  • Automatic and Inexpensive – electronic reconciliation process
  • Perfect for processing refunds or paying commissions to agents/distributors


Our traditional product for payment through online banking