SafetyPay Payout

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SafetyPay Payout is a disbursement service that allows client to pay money locally or internationally with safety and at low cost.

Through this product a merchant can process refunds or pay commissions to agents or distributors.

SafetyPay Payouts will allow our businesses to send money locally or internationally to any country (where SafetyPay operates) with real-time low-cost confirmation.


  • Simple and 100% safe process
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Dispersion of a single payment for several beneficiaries.
  • Disbursement Status notification
  • Electronic reconciliation process


  • Much shorter payment time for an international transfer.
  • Safety money transference
  • The confirmation is sent in real time
  • Highly scalable, flexible and secure
  • Simple use experience
  • Disbursement instruction for multiple payments – quick and simple
  • Automatic and low cost electronic reconciliation process
  • Perfect for processing refunds or paying commissions to agents / distributors

SafetyPay Banking

Our traditional product for payment through online banking