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What is SafetyPay?

SafetyPay is a financial technology company that provides a secure means of payment through which you can make your purchases either in person (cash or debit card) or through bank transfer.

How Do I Start Using SafetyPay?

Check if we are partners with the merchant you wish to purchase from. To use SafetyPay, at the time of payment you must get the option to pay in Cash or via Transfer with SafetyPay.

Upon choosing an option, you will get a payment code stating you can pay in Cash or via Bank Transfer at any of our partner banks and payment points.

Which are SafetyPay's partner banks and payment points?

SafetyPay has banks and payment points in several countries in North America, Central America, South America and Europe.

You can check the complete list of partner banks and payment points, click here 

What are the products offered by SafetyPay?

Learn more about our products, click here

Why is it safe to buy with SafetyPay?

Because we do not store your personal or financial information. We only provide you with a payment code so that you can finalize your purchase in the privacy of your own bank.

When I Buy Using SafetyPay, Do I Have To Provide Personal or Confidential Information To The Merchant?

No, we do not store your personal or financial information. We only provide you with a payment code so that you can finalize your purchase in the privacy of your own bank.

The Merchant I Want To Buy From Is Not In My Country. Can I Pay In Local Currency?

Yes, regardless of the country where the partner merchant is located you can pay in your local currency. Just check the bank where you want to make the payment is a SafetyPay partner bank. We will provide you, through the merchant of your choice, with the equivalent amount in local currency.

Do I Have To Open An Account With SafetyPay Or Sign In Any Way?

No, unlike other means of payment, it is not necessary to open a special account with SafetyPay or register as a user.

You will only get a payment code that you can pay in Cash or via Transfer in the privacy of your own bank.

How Long Do I Have To Complete A Transaction?

The deadlines for each transaction vary according to the partner merchant. You will be informed of it as soon as you choose to pay with SafetyPay in the payment instructions.

What If My Bank Does Not Offer SafetyPay Yet?

If your bank still does not offer SafetyPay, please let us know – and let your bank know too. We will contact your financial institution to explain the benefits of joining SafetyPay.

What do I do if my purchase does not arrive?

SafetyPay is a means of payment. If you want to check on your product, you will have to contact  the merchant where you made the purchase directly.

What should I do if the amount was debited from my account even though the transaction was rejected?

Contact SafetyPay via email telling us about the issue, and sending us your transaction code and proof of purchase. The Support Area will provide you with the necessary assistance to either approve the transaction,  or make it a chargeback.

I no longer want the product/service I bought. May I request a chargeback or return from SafetyPay?

SafetyPay is a means of payment, should you give up on your purchase you should contact the merchant directly.

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