Payment Methods

Our payment network allows to confirm transactions -local or cross border- in real time once the money has been transferred or the shopper has paid with cash at one of our collection points.

Cash payments


SafetyPay cash collection network is the largest in Latin America.

  • Enables shoppers to pay for their online purchases via cash.
  • Merchant receives online confirmation in real time.
Online banks transfers

Bank Transfer

SafetyPay is the largest bank aggregator in Latin America.
  • Allows for shoppers to pay in local currency with settlement in the country and currency of the merchants choice.
  • Enable cross border payments via bank transfer with a very competitive cross border fee.
local payment methods

Local payment methods

Local payment methods such as Brazil’s Boleto Bancario:
  • 30% of ecommerce payments in Brazil are made via Boleto Bancario. It can be paid at ATMs, branch facilities and internet banking of any Bank, Post Office, Lottery Agent and some supermarkets until its due date.
  • Bank Transfer & Cash Payments with 24 business hour confirmation.
  • 180,000 Collection points.